Vacation in Paradise

A Vacation on the Equator

We will pick you up at the airport in our city and take you to your 4 star hotel. There, we will let you settle in and later that night you and your practitioners from our direct group will discuss your stay and other details over a nice dinner. 

The next day your program begins! 

While you are here, we hope you enjoy the many different, excellent restaurants in town. This is a UNESCO cultural city and there is much to see and do in your off time. 

We will help you along the way with directions, some shopping for groceries and recommendations for cultural sites. We also take you on local tours to museums and architecture, as well as adventures outside the city.

This city is very safe, however, it carries the dangers of any city of close to 1 million people living in it. So, always take care in public.

We expect a wonderful experience for you. Fresh juices anytime you want, fresh food, clean air, sunshine, warm breezes, hot springs, mountains, a loving local populous AND you get the biopsy outside your body. 

How about that?