Spa Days - Loved by All

Steam Room

This therapy detoxes the body through steam inhalation and heat. Fresh Eucalyptus leaves are used for therapeutic value.

Mud Pools

This therapy detoxes the body through the skin, as the mud draws and binds the toxins excreted out by sweat.

Contrast Pools

This therapy stimulates the immune system by promoting circulation of blood and lymph to parts of the body less traveled.

Russian Steam Cabinets

This therapy allows for the body to get hot and sweat while the head and brain stays cool. It is another form of detox through sweat.


This is self-explanatory. The spa staff provide excellent, relaxing massages to you each day we take you there.

Swimming Pools

After the round of all the therapies, you can repeat any therapy or choose to leisurely swim in one of the pools available.