Our Associate Center in Calabash, North Carolina

Natural Health Center in Calabash, NC

We are proud to partner with like minded associates that not only provide quality services to our patients, but also understand all healing and knowledge is a blessing from God of which we can all freely receive. 

This center offers us a space for our consult and procedure services, while also providing much needed therapies for our programs to optimally work. 

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Follow this link to the Natural Health Center's Facebook page to learn more about the services they offer.

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Birch Health Services Offered at the Natural Health Center

Consultation with Dr. John Dowling

This is where you are able to discuss your current health complaints, past diagnosis and develop a game plan for achieving your goals.  Typically a procedural service is included to help the process begin and provide some degree of relief.

Procedures Performed

Our procedures currently offered include Acupuncture & Auricular Needling, CranioSacral therapy, Spinal & Joint Alignment and Homeopathy dosing.

Additional Services

We also offer hormone & longevity lab panels, nutrition & supplement counseling and non-emergent medical services.

To schedule an appointment 828 - 348 - 4344

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Detox Services Offered by the Natural Health Center

Foot Detox Baths


Though highly debated online, this therapy often provides results in just one treatment session. Experiencing this is almost the only way...

FIR Dry Saunas


Far Infrared therapy has been shown to help with many conditions. Combined with dry heat, this makes for an excellent detox.

Ozone Steam Cabinets


Safely combing the pore opening and sweat inducing power of steam with the effectiveness of ozone therapy.



Integrative Reflexology® is a massage to stimulate the organs of the body using points on the bottom of the feet, palms of the hands, or the ears.

Enhanced Alkaline Water


Filtered and alkalized water enhanced with Hydrogen increasing technology, this water has a nice feel and taste - plus it is healthy.

Exercise With O2 Therapy


This therapy helps oxygenate deeper tissues within the body and promotes proper blood circulation.

Many ailments respond well to this therapy.