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Excisional Biopsy

To be able to have even a minor outpatient surgery such as an excisional biopsy, you must be screened and imaged.

We will need any previous imaging of the mass before determining your eligibility for a program. This is to have our surgeons determine if they can safely remove the mass. 

Please let us know if you have a history of:

- High Blood Pressure

- Low Blood Count/Anemic

- Low Platelet Count

- Hemophilia or other clotting disorder
- Low Kidney Function / CKD

- Diabetes 

- Heart Issues

- Allergies to medications

- Previous issues with anesthesia 

We will have you imaged by our radiologist and an EKG performed to screen for heart issues. We will run pre-surgery labs to screen for anemia, kidney function, liver function and electrolytes. 

We will discuss with you and the surgeon the optimal place for incision and how much tissue will need to be removed. We will have the surgery. Our surgeons have performed many excisional biopsies and get good, clear margins upon removal taking care not to rupture the encapsulation. The mass will be sent to pathology for biopsy.

If the mass is not cancer, we hope you celebrate. If the mass is cancer, we send if off for more typing to help your oncologist determine an effective choice of post-op treatment, if needed.

After surgery, you will stay in your hotel room or a private room in the hospital where your surgery was performed to monitor for any post-surgical complications. 

We hope you will decide to complete our holistic program that includes pre and post surgical optimization protocols taken from orthomolecular and naturopathic treatment plans. These will be given in the comfort of your hotel room. 

You can opt just for an excisional biopsy, with the 5 day minimum pre and post surgical care plans. 

Even with a simple surgery, we must taken the proper precautions. However, many small abnormalities can be taken into account and adjusted for.

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Excisional Biopsy - The Gold Standard

American Society of Breast Surgeons

"Historically, surgical excision was the “gold standard” for the diagnosis of palpable breast masses..."

Birch Health Options

"Do to the low risk of tumor seeding, the low risk of false results, and the data this provides in selection of treatment, Excisional Biopsy is still the "Gold Standard" in evaluation of breast masses."

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