15 or 30 Day Holistic Health Programs

We typically want you with us for 30 days to complete our Holistic Health programs. This ensures we have adequate time to offer you healing therapies, education on everyday health, time to relax in a paradise setting and help you achieve your health goals. 

However, we understand many cannot simply leave their lives for 30 days. We offer a streamlined 15 day approach for those wanting a faster paced healing experience. 

Our Ecuador Holistic Health Programs Include:

Spa Days


  We take to you weekly relaxing spa days to unwind the stress from your life. This resort has steam rooms, mud/clay pools, hot and cold contrast pools, Russian steam cabinets, swimming pools and more. One of our associate practitioners will accompany you. 



We utilize auricular acupuncture, which is the placement of small needles in the ear. These points correspond with various areas in your body. This system was developed by a French Neurologist.

IV Nutritional Support


 We utilize IV nutrition to boost your body quickly into a healthier state. From basic minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium to specialized forms of B12 and other vitamins.

We follow Orthomolecular and Naturopathic medical protocols. 

Evaluation & Imaging


Our associate interventional radiologist will evaluate your previous imaging, if any. 

An EKG and diagnostic Ultrasound is typical, with CT sometimes used to better guide the surgeons in removing as little tissue as possible.

Physical Therapies


Our practitioners can provide you with Cranio-Sacral therapy, bone adjustments and even therapeutic massage throughout your health program. Spa days will most certainly include a relaxing massage at the spa.  

Dietary Counseling


 Our practitioners have training in nutrition through eating proper foods. We will teach you what foods to avoid and what foods to replace them with in your diet so that you don't go hungry. The food is wonderful in Ecuador!

Neural Therapy


 These are small injections made with small needles on various places of the body to promote proper communication between your cells. This in turn promotes health and healing mechanisms. This therapy was developed in Germany and is popular throughout the world.

Homeopathic Medicines


We utilize the popular homeopathic remedies from Germany. These can be oral, given by injection or added to IV bags.

They are very effective at promoting healing, preparing the body for surgery and maintaining the body's ability to fight off any infections.

High Dose Vitamin C


Vitamin C is necessary for many functions in the body from immune and adrenal function to promoting new tissue growth. We are able to provide you with safe, high doses of Vitamin C through IV therapy. It is like waking up refreshed from a good nights sleep!

State-of-the-Art Dental Imaging


  We believe dental health and root canals are a huge overlooked source of many inflammatory issues, including tumors in other parts of the body. We have your mouth imaged with the latest digital 3D technology. 

Biological Dentistry


We take your imaging to our associate biological dentist. He will do a thorough workup and give us a report for you. You are free to take your evaluation to your dentist or setup services while you are in Ecuador with our dentist. 

24 hour On Call


To provide you with a complete and safe experience, we have some on call associate practitioners that stay in the same hotel as you.

They can be easily paged through our system and able to assist you in case of emergency

Botanical Medicines


Local herbs and teas are extremely beneficial to the body. We incorporate daily teas to help you along your healing journey.

Health Education


Our practitioners believe in doctor as teacher, therefore, we share our medical and health knowledge with you. This promotes lasting health.

Fresh Juices as Medicine


From simple juices, to combining teas and juices to form morning tonics, we teach you how to make your daily drinks.

Tourism Days


Some days are dedicated to us showing you around the local town. We also have the option to travel to other great spots in Ecuador.

Diagnosis Counseling


Regardless of the diagnosis, patients need support and their questions answered. Our practitioners provide this for you.

Excisional Biopsy


Excisonal biopsy is when the breast mass is removed in whole and then punctured outside the body to obtain biopsy.